Founded by Erich Ekstedt a Fire Capital and son of a police officer. Erich is committed to helping 1st Responders build wealth that allows them to build a legacy for the people they love. Erich is the founder of and is a real estate investor.

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Greg Herder, MBA, CRB

Licensed agent since 1979

Broker since 2005

Creator of the 8x8 and 33 touch programs in the Millionaire Realtor Book

Trained over 100,000 agents.

Real Estate Investor

MBA from University of California, Irvine

Part-time Professor of Real Estate at CSUF

"1st Responder Capital helped us feel more in control of our money by developing a long-term wealth-building strategy, which has given us confidence and peace of mind that we are becoming financially independent."

—Jack Thorn, Firefigher

If your investment goals are to generate high returns while minimizing your risk, 1st Responder Capital is the best way for you to invest in real estate.

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